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Crisis Management

Dr. Kai-Uwe Steck

Senior Partner
International expertise: Your partner for the connection between Switzerland, Germany and the United Arab Emirates

Dr. Kai-Uwe Steck advises Swiss clients (especially financial institutions) on cross-border services to Germany. In addition, he represents German clients in all legal matters related to moving to Switzerland. Finally, Dr. Kai-Uwe Steck specializes in the regulation of FinTech companies in Germany, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates.

Based on his own extensive experience, Kai has recently been passionately focused on the area of crisis management.

Rudi Völler took Dr. Kai-Uwe Steck's place at Werder Bremen under Otto Rehhagel. And that was a good thing in the end, for both his and Dr. Kai-Uwe Steck's career. Völler became world champion in 1990, and Dr. Kai-Uwe Steck started law school. He has been a lawyer since 2001. He held professional positions in Frankfurt, New York, and London at major international law firms. His main focus was on international banking and capital investment law. He has been living and working in Switzerland since 2010.


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