Notary Services for Corporates

Our team of notaries in Zug offers notarisation services specifically tailored to corporate law and corporate transactions.
Notary Services for Corporates

Corporate Formation and Liquidation

  • Establishing a stock corporation (AG), a limited liability company (GmbH), or a foundation.
  • Preparation of the articles of association.
  • Notarisation of shareholders' agreements.
  • Formalization of the dissolution and liquidation process.

Corporate Restructuring and Transactions

  • Amendments to the articles of association.
  • Formalization of capital increases or decreases.
  • Corporate relocation, change of purpose and name.
  • Notarisation of documents for mergers, splits, and transformations.
  • Execution of asset transfers.
  • Assistance with succession planning.

General Notarial Services

  • Notarisation of signatures and documents.

Your Team

Our legal team in this area are pleased to provide you with comprehensive and interdisciplinary advice.

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