Crisis Management

Pontinova Law takes a comprehensive approach to crisis management, going beyond mere legal advice. We carefully consider issues such as media and communications, cyber security, mental resilience, physical well-being and strategic business advice to ensure a well-rounded and effective response to any crisis.
Crisis Management

Legal Advice

  • Providing excellent legal advice and defense in criminal or civil law matters.
  • Analyzing complex and cross-border issues while maintaining clear communication.
  • Offering comprehensive understanding of economic relationships and personal commitment.

Media & Communication

  • Utilizing communication as a vital tool in crisis situations.
  • Assisting in internal and external communication strategy.
  • Coordinating TV, press, and online media, working with top media lawyers and consultants.

Mental Coaching

  • Providing support during major crises that affect the company or individual and their environment.
  • Offering experts to accompany individuals on their journey, helping to overcome fears and gain new strength.

International Enforcement Law

  • Ensuring the security of company and personal data.
  • Protecting information against hackers.

Your Team

Our legal team in this area are pleased to provide you with comprehensive and interdisciplinary advice.

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