Private Clients & Familiy Offices

We advise wealthy families and individuals, successful entrepreneurs and managers of companies. Our advice focuses on asset structuring, purchase, sale and restructuring of investments, companies and real estate, and on corporate and succession planning.
Private Clients & Familiy Offices

Inheritance and Family Law

  • Handling of complex estates in various jurisdictions.
  • Testamentary dispositions, marriage contracts, and corporate succession planning.
  • Tax advice, including inheritance, and gift taxes.
  • Inheritance disputes, compulsory portion claims, and division of inheritance.

International Trust Law

  • Assisting entrepreneurial families in cross-border structuring of wealth.
  • Establishment, restructuring, and merger of charitable foundations.
  • Handling regulatory and tax issues related to charitable structures.
  • Advising on holding solutions, national and international companies, foundations, and real estate bundling.
  • Developing emergency planning and individual succession planning.

Relocation D-CH and UAE

  • Supporting individuals relocating between Germany, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Exit taxation, income, inheritance, and tax law.
  • Work permits applications.

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